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The Moving Adventure

850thSome of the adventures we face in life do not involve being alone in a wilderness area or trying some new “extreme” activity.  For the most part, our lives provide the adventure without us needing to find it elsewhere.  Our current adventure has been the saga of selling our home and moving to a more suburban setting.

We currently live on two acres approximately ten miles from the nearest town.  Although we have been here for close to twelve years, we have often thought that we would be better suited living in the suburbs.  Typically, when we mention this to anyone, the response is usually something like “but you love being in the outdoors, why would you want to move to town?”  The response is always that when we go hiking, camping, etc., we don’t do it at our home.  We go somewhere else to do those things.  Being out in the country and two miles down a gravel road actually tends to inhibit the active lifestyle that we would like to lead.  For us, being in town will be much more conducive to going for walks, bike rides, and the such, without having to dust ourselves off when we get back home.  Not to mention the conveniences like city water and sewer, faster internet, and closer proximity to….. well, everything.

Like many adventures, this one has not been easy.  We originally placed the house on the market about four years ago.  After having it for sale for almost a year, and generating little interest, we decided that we must be meant to live here.  However, I believe that God has a plan, and even though it is not always immediately revealed to us, it is amazing when it is.  Over the four years since our house was on the market last, I finished my degree and found a new job.  Shortly after, Tammy also found a new job… less than a mile from where I work.  Had everything worked out to our plans four years ago, we would be living in the suburbs, but twenty miles from where we both now work.  The house that we are moving two now is a whopping four miles from our work.

Even though we are on the downhill side of the process, there is still work to do.  We have plumbers coming this week to do $1700 of necessary repairs to our septic system.  The home inspection is tomorrow, so we are hoping that there are no surprises there.  And, of course, there is the moving.  We are downsizing to align ourselves more with the life we want, so we have extra stuff that we need to get rid of.  Currently we are figuring out how to disposition many of the items that we have accumulated over the years.

I have a bad habit of wanting to fast forward though trying times in life.  If I am being honest, this is one britishof those times.  As difficult items come up, I’ve been snapping my fingers, as to say that I wish that is all it took to finish the task.  But as I said before, God has a plan.  This was actually the first week that we have been to church in a while since we’ve been busy or out of town.  The sermon was on positivity, and how having a positive attitude can make all the difference.  It was completely on point for what we have going on now.  I need to face this adventure with a positive outlook, knowing that God has great things planned and that the reward will be truly worth the work.  It is the difficult things in life that God uses to shape us into the people he wants us to be to fulfill the plan he has for us.


  1. Great post! Really excited for you all in this new chapter. Wyatt said if you’re downsizing tools to let him know. ?

    • chris@midwestjourneys.com

      June 8, 2016 at 3:50 pm

      Funny that you should say that, because I had already been thinking about talking to him about a couple items. ?

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