In today’s world, the goal of most consumer products is to make us more comfortable.  Even in the outdoors industry, it is all about making the outdoors as comfortable as our living rooms.  I am beginning to question if comfort is what we should be pursuing.


There is a cycle that we need to make sure that we do not fall into.  Comfort (and it’s sibling Convenience), can be almost like a drug.  The more comfortable options are almost always those that are less challenging physically and mentally.  Therefore, making us more likely to want (or need) a more comfortable option in the future… and the cycle begins.

I assure you that there is a point to my little rant.  Yesterday, as the workday was coming to a close, I was debating on heading to the woods for a short hike.  Then, the other thoughts started creeping into my head: “It’s a little chilly outside”, “It’s been a long week”, “I’m a little tired”, “The recliner is calling my name”.  Then, I stopped and realized that I was about to forgo an activity that I love to do in exchange for a more “comfortable” option.

Needless to say, I was disappointed with myself, and I went hiking.  We need to make sure  that the choices we make in life are not predominately driven by comfort.  I do not want to look back on my life and think “well, I really didn’t do much, but at least I was comfortable”.  We were put here to experience life and we simply cannot live life to the fullest from the comfort of our recliner.